Responsibility for content

Only the author can be held responsible for the content of the classifieds published on this website. The classifieds are not being moderated by any means by the site administrator prior to publishing. Classifieds are being confirmed by their author via email. Once the author confirmed it, the classified is being displayed on the website.

If a classified breaks the terms and conditions of fair use it will be permanently removed from the website by our site administrator. But as long as it is being displayed on the website, only its author can be held responsible for the content.

If you think that a classified is being improper for various reasons you should use the RAPORTEAZA ANUNT button to report it. Once reported our site admin will analyze the content and remove if it doesn't satisfy the conditions listed bellow.

All classifieds must conform the following rules:

  1. Classifieds promoting ponzie schemes are prohibited.
  2. Classifieds selling drugs, guns, explozives, smuggling goods or any other substances, tools or materials prohibited or restricted by law will be deleted.
  3. Classifieds with racist or xenophobic content are prohibited.